Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A new Manifesto

Hello! Sorry for the long silence and the lack of updates on here.

I have some news worth babbling on about at last!

The newly named Fushigi Shop is now closed until 2012. I have decided to close it's doors over the festive period as this will give me the time and space to really work on building up some stock. It has been a more difficult task that anticipated to keep making things. Working part time doesn't really help as I often wind up feeling that I am being stretched between two occupations and unable to dedicate myself as fully as I wish to either. I plan to fix this conundrum next year and will be working on a new manifesto for 2012.

I will be making a bunch of things that will include

I also want to work on bettering your shopping experience with me and plan to send all orders out faster to all destinations.

I want to get out there in 2012! So, expect to see me at some unusual market spots during the Spring and Summer. Come over for a little chinwag! I would love to see you.

Please stick with me during my escape to my workshop. I will keep you updated on new things here!


  1. Ohhh I'd love to be able to visit you at a lil market stall oooo...how exciting.

  2. Yay! Looking forward to your re-opening during the upcoming year!!

  3. I am so excited for you for next year!!!! Especially the getting out there! I will certainly try to come out to see you at markets, since most markets usually happen during weekends right? :)