Useful Stuff to Know

I scour lands far and near for bits and bobs to fashion into little treasures, fanciful frippery, and items of extraordinary whimsicality once again. Here are my notes on my components and materials for the curious at heart.

Necklace Lengths

I like to create "princess length" necklaces which generally measure approx 16" to 20". However, I ready and willing to tailor most of my pieces to suit your taste.
Please refer to the diagram above when choosing your necklace lengths.

The Midas Touch: A Question of Gold

Gold plated basically refers to non precious base metal that has been coated with a layer of gold.

Gold filled components are also gold coated non precious metals only they have up to 100 times more gold content than regular gold plated parts.
I choose this for ear wires as gold filled components have a longer life span than both gold plated or vermeil alternatives.

Vermeil is essentially gold plated sterling silver.

A Note on Fabric

I use the highest quality cotton fabrics that I can find and they mainly come from UK Japan or Denmark.

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